Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy

Our website, https://www.fubotv1connect.com , operates as a blog dedicated to sharing information and discussions about Fubo Tv, services, and related topics. We respect intellectual property rights and aim to comply with fair use principles in our content creation and sharing. The following policy outlines our approach to fair use:

Purpose: The primary purpose of our website is to provide informative content, commentary, analysis, and discussions related to Fubo , its products, industry trends, and relevant news.

Use of Trademarks and Copyrighted Material: We may use Fubo trademarks, logos, and copyrighted material within the website’s content for the purpose of identification, commentary, criticism, or news reporting. This use is done in a manner that is transformative and contributes to the public interest by fostering discussion and understanding of FUBO TV -related topics.

Attribution and Respect for Rights: Whenever feasible, we aim to provide proper attribution to FUBO for the use of their trademarks or copyrighted material. We acknowledge and respect FUBO's intellectual property rights and do not intend to infringe upon their rights.

Limited Use: We use FUBO's trademarks or copyrighted material only to the extent necessary for the intended purpose of commentary, criticism, news reporting, or informative content creation. We refrain from using excessive or unnecessary portions of copyrighted material.

Non-Endorsement: Our use of FUBO's trademarks or copyrighted material does not imply endorsement or sponsorship by FUBO , and it’s clear to our audience that our website is an independent entity.

Compliance with Applicable Laws: While we strive to adhere to fair use principles, we acknowledge that fair use is determined on a case-by-case basis and is subject to interpretation by courts. We are committed to responding to any concerns regarding the use of FUBO's intellectual property in good faith.

Questions and Concerns: If there are any questions, concerns, or requests related to the use of FUBO trademarks or copyrighted material on our website, we encourage FUBO or relevant parties to contact us directly. We are open to addressing concerns and, if necessary, modifying our use of such material.